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VA Loan Refinance.

With today’s low rates, it is the perfect time to refinance your VA mortgage. Our goal at MN VA Mortgage is to seamlessly facilitate refinancing your VA home loan as well as assisting and educating you on all the related benefits. With our efficient process, you can lower your monthly payment or do a cash out refinance on your home with minimal effort and out-of-pocket costs. Take advantage of the full benefits you have earned. A VA mortgage is a quick and simple way to lower your rate and save money. There is no better time than now with historically low rates to see how refinancing can improve your quality of life.

Legislation has created a special opportunity for you to refinance your existing mortgage into a VA home loan with great benefits. In 2008, the Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act  made it possible for Veterans to free up cash with a Cash Out Refinance, typically up to 90% of your current Loan to Value ratio (LTV). You would be able to use the cash out program to pay off debt,  plan a vacation with family or make home improvements that add value to your property.


Our ZERO obligation VA refinance consultation is informational and the first step in seeing what you qualify for. There is no pressure and your credit score won’t automatically be pulled. We consult with you about your unique scenario to see how we can help you take advantage of the benefits you’ve earned, saving you time and money. The lowered interest rate may be worth the additional closings costs. 

Our experienced VA mortgage specialists value your best interests and will help you get your Certificate of Eligibility and will work with you through your loan process to a smooth closing.

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